Natural beauty is the best beauty 


Natural product

Your benefit can be
  • treatment in a non-traditional way without harming health

  • natural raw materials and does not contain GMOs

  • an effective way to improve health

 Scrub cream

50ml   for  2€
Scrub cream
30ml  for 1.8 
Cosmetic mask

50 gr  for    1.9 €
Cosmetic mask 
 gr  for    0.9 €
Cosmetic mask and scrub

Our Team

We are a young and dedicated team from Shirak State University.



I am a student at Shirak State  University. I will be Biotechnologist․ My first achievement is a start-up of a natural cosmetic product with flax. I am a dreamer and tend to think that our clients will not only improve their health but they will also infect with our optimism․ 


 Specialist of PR and Marketing

I am very happy to present our  Start-up. Now we have all marketing tools  to present our first product to our citizens. I find that it will satisfy all their demands and  we will be able to fulfill their unfulfilled desires. 


Here is some feedback from professionals who are supporting our products development.
Karine Petrosyan 

Specialist of biology
This product helps to present usefulness of our reginal herbs 

Angin Grigoryan
Excellent product for women at middle age
Gayane Oksuzyan
Lecturer of biology
I am very proud that my students can use their knowledge in their professional life by creating this organic product.